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  Weifang DE man power technology co., LTD is mainly engaged in the research and development of all kinds of generators、Production、Sales and service。The main products include:Diesel generator set、Gasoline generating set、Silent type generator set、Automatic generating set、Mobile trailer genset, etc all kinds of generators:Supporting the brand:Weichai power generation units、Cummins power generation units、Yuchai generator set、JiChai generating set、The wood is generating set、Deutz、Daewoo、Mercedes Benz、Volvo、Caterpillar、Rolls-Royce、OEM service, etc。       The company is located in huadu----Shandong qingzhou,Is located in qingzhou economic development zone。Jiqing expressway,309National highway。Jiaoji railway passing by,The transportation is convenient,Geography...

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Yuchai generator switching considerations
 Yuchai generator power is strong,But little vibration、Low noise、Low emissions、Accord with national environmental requirements,In the military、Civilian use、Marine areas such as widely used,Yuchai generator belongs to large equipment,Sometimes also need moving,At the time of switching...[To check the details]

How was carried out on the generator set in bad weather
 Generating set is to other forms of energy into electricity of complete sets of mechanical equipment,Its low fuel consumption、Low emissions、Low noise、Advanced technology,Reliable operation,Maintenance is convenient、Long service life、Lightweight portable、Emergency with high efficiency、Comprehensive cost is low,In the workers and peasants...[To check the details]

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