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Xuzhou net mother-in-law catering co., LTD is the largest in xuzhou Chinese fast food companies。Since1996In the beginning,Create a has 19 years。Now has fixed assets500Ten thousand yuan,Professional and technical personnel42People,A registered dietitian4People,Employees200More than。Mr Shi Zhongyu founder has won“Jiangsu province outstanding young leader”,“Xuzhou reemployment lead”,“Top ten outstanding youth”And“Line one hundred outstanding,Star of entrepreneurship”Such as the honorary title。“Net mother-in-law”Xuzhou city well-known brands has become。 “Net shiva…

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The several big law of open restaurants cannot not know!

How to open a cafe?When it comes to this,Actually, a lot of learning,As long as you master the key,The money will easily 。This article will focus on this problem…

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Spring eating six principles

Despite the weather is a bit cold,But spring has come。As the saying goes:In spring。This sentence is suitable for the same Our diet nutrition and health。…

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Out to have dinner outside what matters need attention

Because work is busy now,All don't like cooking at home after work,Choose to eat fast food or is it outside His food,Convenient and simple,…

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12A fast worker steamed vegetables,Eat healthy

From the view of nutrition,Steamed vegetables maximum retained the original food proteins、Cellulose and other nutrients。From the perspective of delicious,Steamed vegetables to keep the dishes…

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